The Lonely Soulmate

Lonely Soulmate by Kerry Wood

Soulmate by Kerry Wood

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“I was never lonely when we were together. Even in your absence, I carried you in my heart and knew you were there, whether you were physically present or not.” ~ KW

Have you ever had that one special person in your life who made you feel as though you would never again be alone?

To lose that person brings more devastation to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being than anyone is capable of comprehending until they have been through such a loss.

Loneliness makes us do crazy, stupid things, in desperate efforts to kill the pain. Some people attempt the fill the pain with purchases, going on shopping sprees, buying things they don’t need. But, material objects can’t fill the hole left by the loss of a soulmate.

Some people get involved in new relationships, relationships they don’t belong in, just to have the comfort of another person, but any relief this provides is only temporary.

Some pour themselves into work, thinking if they have something like that to focus on, then surely they can get through the loss of their soulmate.

Some try to literally run away from their loneliness with physical activities such as running, cycling, trips to the gym, etc. Again, this provides a temporary runners high, a euphoria that will soon wear off, and then you find yourself, again, longing for your soulmate.

Some people turn to alcohol or drugs, which may numb things for a short time, but is far from being a cure for missing the one person in the world who truly made you feel complete.

Some try several of these things at the same time, or try to keep themselves in a perpetual state of distractions and denial, all to avoid the one truth they know in their heart to be correct; I will never be the same without my best friend, my soulmate, the one person in the world who made me feel loved.