The Chronic Broken Heart

“The loss of your soulmate is the one thing in life from which you can never recover.” ~KW

Often, people don’t even realize someone was their actual soulmate until they’re gone. It’s not that we usually take our soulmates for granted, but the relationship is so different, so unique, and so comfortable, that we settle into the relationship with so little effort that we don’t actually recognize our amazing gift of life. But, when we lose our soulmate, we feel the loss profoundly, and we enter a state where we continuously feel lost without the one person who truly completes us.  People will tell you to get over it.  You will even convince yourself that you can… but the reality is; you will never get over it.

You can make bad grades, study harder, and recover.

You can drink too much, and you may have a hangover, but you will recover.

You can suffer financial loss, but work to recover.

You can get sick, and unless it is a terminal illness, you will recover.

You can have many people come and go in your life, those who you are infatuated with and those who are actually family or friends that pass through our lives, and you will recover. But, to lose a soulmate; it creates a hole within us that can never be filled by any other person, no matter how hard you try, and you will carry that empty feeling throughout the remainder of your life.

Your soulmate means more to you than typical family, and when they are gone, their absence slowly dissolves you from the inside. Your heart hardens and you can never be the same, no matter how hard you try. When they are gone, you continue to see them in things. You miss them so much that you go looking for pieces of them anywhere you can… you can’t help yourself… because there simply is no cure for the pain you feel from the loss of the most important person to ever exist in your life.

Few people get to experience a true soulmate, as it is a rare thing to even happen between two people. It’s why when one dies, the other usually isn’t far behind, as they genuinely morn themselves to death.

All this begs the question; when it comes to your soulmate, is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Considering the extreme emotional, psychological, and even physical pain which comes about due to this type of loss… I’d go with; it’s better to have never loved.