The Thief

I must tell you what I am,
and despite your disbelief,
You must hear what I tell you,
I am a thief.

I know until now,
you hadn’t a clue,
but you must believe me
for it is true.

I realize it’s abnormal,
for a thief to mention,
what he plans to steal,
or of his intention.

But that’s just me,
I happen to be bold.
I’ll even tell you more,
it’s something you hold.

The chances I’ll take,
may seem insane,
but the risks shall be worth,
what I’ll obtain.

A lifetime sentence,
I’ll receive if I fail,
a lifetime of solitude,
with no hope for bail.

But a lifetime of wealth,
is what I really need,
and this I shall have,
if I succeed.

As I play the thief,
the victim shall be your part,
for what I intend to steal,
is none other than your heart.