From Pieces to Peace

Soulmate by Kerry Wood

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“The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces, but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you to peace.” ~ Anonymous

There will always be ebbs and flows in life, good times and bad. The luckiest of us will ride those out like a boat swaying in shallow waters, while many of us to the other extreme will be on more of roller-coaster ride.

It is a challenge to find a mate who will ride out the good and bad with us.  Above all, you must be able to be emotionally intimate with each other in order to survive. Loving someone can be easy, getting to a place were you are truly emotionally invested in someone, where you feel like you can share anything and everything about your being; that is a very difficult place to find with just anyone. Once you actually achieve that with someone, nothing else can ever replace it, and you will have found the right person to ride through life with.

If you are feeling good, and at peace with things; it is easy to let the wrong person in and care about them for all the wrong reasons.  The wrong person will suck the life out of you, then discard you. There is an old say that always rings true; you will lose a person the same way you got them. Meaning, if they were cheating with you on, then they will eventually cheat on you.

When things are bad in you life and someone comes along who truly cares and helps you through without demanding anything in return, then you have found someone worthy of working on a relationship with. Be with people who will lead you peace.