Horse Shite 5K

Greenville County Rec Trial Trail Run

Greenville County Rec held an event this morning for runners, and it was free in exchange for feedback… so here’s mine. Everything I say is just my opinion, with nothing meant as a slam to anyone. Yes, there were horses around, and no shortage of evidence that horses had been around quite a bit, but me calling this the “Horse Shite 5K” is just me having a little fun with it – as there didn’t seem to be an official name for this trial trail run.  All-in-all, there was only a small segment of the trail where equestrian landmines were an issue, and since you’re already watching your footing where roots, holes, rocks, and fallen branches are concerned, it wasn’t a big deal to navigate the small area littered with fertilizer.

There was a very nice lady stationed at the entrance of the park, directing folks where to go. When you drove around to the backside, there were plenty of people who were friendly and helpful. It seems there would have been a parking issue if just a few more people had shown up – maybe there’s a plan for that, but if not, there needs to be.

Maps were provided but I don’t think they were particularly helpful or necessary. The entire course was very well marked and very easy to follow with two minor exceptions; the very beginning with the first right turn and after completing the gravel road circle to cross the parking area and head down into the woods.  It wasn’t that either of those points were that difficult to figure out, but I found myself slowing down my run considerably to make certain of the proper direction, where a person at each of those areas to point a direction (or additional markers) in order to leave a runner confident in maintaining their stride, would be helpful.

As far as the trail itself goes, it was just right blend of mud, sand, and swamp! In other words; it was a real trail! Now, I know I just complained about having to slow down to figure out “where” I need to go, but if I’m slowed by a swampy section, or mud that I have to navigate, that’s just part of keeping it real. The swampy area was rather minor, and it was all part of what gave this course character, with no shortage of slopes, roots, sticks, and leaves. To me; there is just nothing better than feeling like you are alone in woods on a run, and this course gave you that feeling, and when you end a run feeling like you just ran a bit farther than you actually did, then it was a good, challenging, course.

Overall: Good job! Very well done!