Love in the Moonlight

My spirits she does rise,
as well as my soul to a new height.
It’s brought forth by her beauty,
reflecting in the moonlight.

Does she know of my heart,
and how it’s yearning?
Or of my desire,
and how it’s burning?

How I long to hold her,
draw her close and embrace.
But is it me or is it she,
who’s afraid of that pace?

It is her acceptance, her trust,
and her heart that I seek.
But it is of pains, sorrows,
and “gun-shyness” she does speak.

For the wrongs of men past,
must I make correction?
Give me just one clue my Love;
Am I moving in the right direction?

The spell of her beauty,
my mind it does cloud.
I long to move forward,
shall I be allowed?

My true love stands before me,
a wonderous sight.
I’ve completely fallen for her,
on this moonlit night.