Case Study: Y2K

Fake News by Kerry Wood

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REPORTED BY: All major MSM outlets

It was Y2K where I really believed people would wise up, when it came to the MSM, as they kept giving credibility to every crazy doomsday scenario out there.  With this being non-political fake news, you would even think the liberals could latch on to the fact the MSM isn’t truthful.

I’m a computer programmer and I’ve been writing computer programs since 1982, to include award-winning medical software. Throughout all the MSM Y2K fake news, I would tell everyone that it was all just crazy talk, and despite my explanations, I watched as people stored stockpiles of food and water to prepare for doomsday. What I heard over and over from people I tried to explain it to; “They wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

You would think there would have been no shortage of computer programmers for the MSM to consult with that could have set them straight on this, and they trotted out one “expert” after another who perpetuated the fake news narrative that society as we know would end when all the world’s computers rolled over at midnight on December 31, 1999. According to the so-called experts, no computer systems were programmed to handle a four digit date so when the year 99 rolled to double-zeros, all systems would collapse as they would calculate that they had gone back 99 years instead of forward one year. The truth is; even though many computers displayed a two-digit year, they actually calculated and stored a four-digit year. In addition to that, programmers saw this scenario coming years out and rewrote any software that needed to be fixed months and years ahead of time, and any businesses that thought it could be an issue, upgraded any software and hardware that needed it. There was ZERO reason to panic people.

The MSM scared people into believing ATMs would not work so they wouldn’t be able to access their money. And, if the bank’s systems were down, it would be unlikely they could access funds at all. It was all but given that debit and credit cards wouldn’t work.

Even if you had money, registers wouldn’t likely work at grocery stores so you wouldn’t be able to buy food. Even if you could buy food, the power grid was likely to fail and refrigerated goods would spoil. I even remember watching one so-called expert state that he wouldn’t want to be on an airplane at midnight because it was possible they may just fall out of the sky. The MSM was painting a picture, with fake news, that we would find ourselves back in the Stone Age.

December 31, 1999, headline of a Los Angeles Times story was typical of MSM reporting:

Spending the Day Stockpiling for Y2K

New Year’s: ‘Just to be safe,’ shoppers buy bottled water, batteries, food and other items they think they may need to get them through the nightand then some.

People stockpiled. Shelves of bottled water were wiped out in many places. The reporting had been going on like this for months leading up to the year 2000 and during that time, people were stocking up on canned goods, generators, batteries, flashlights, candles, camping equipment and much more.

Just the passage of a little time was all it took to prove this had all been fake news. When January 1, 2000 rolled around, the world was still operating the same as it had the day before, but people didn’t seem to care that they had been duped. Perhaps they were just so thankful that the world didn’t end that they didn’t think about it, because they went right back to trusting the information being fed to them by the MSM.

The MSM did what the MSM always does when it perpetuates a long-running scare and nothing happens; they just moved on to different fake news, spouting with the same authority, and no apology or hardly a mention of what they had done, like it never even happened.

The MSM scares with fake news frequently.  Remember the bird flu scare? Remember the West Nile Virus scare? Remember the Ebola scare? It’s not like those illnesses didn’t exist, but didn’t the MSM make you (or someone you know) afraid to leave home? If you’re stuck at home, the MSM ratings are much better—just sayin’.

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