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A Romance of Dysfunctional Proportions

Soulmate by Kerry Wood

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Soulmate was released 02/02/2020.

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Soulmate Testimonial

Your soulmate isn’t simply your best friend and lover, it is a once in a lifetime connection you make with another.

Your soulmate is someone you relate to, and put above everyone.

They mean more to you than any other family member.

They become your rock, the person who keeps you grounded and on the right path in life.

Too often, people don’t even realize the value of what they actually have in a soulmate until they no longer have them.

The absence of your soulmate creates an emptiness, a darkness, in your life that can never be filled by another.

The absence of your soulmate ushers in an indescribable pain, emotional and physical, that can remain seemingly unbearable for the remainder of your life.

When you realize the true value of what you had with someone, just how far would you go to get it back, if you could?

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

“It was cute, and totally unexpected!”

P. Harris, Editor

“I loved the book, totally not what I expected.”

T. Hollifield, Reader

Wow! That is a really good read! I am thoroughly impressed!

C. Greenway, Reader

Great read! About half way… I couldn’t put it down!

C. Richardson, Reader

I couldn’t stop reading it! I could actually feel the pain coming through the pages.

L. Williams, Reader

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.