MSM: The Illegitimate Press

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War of Words

Kerry Wood arms you with insight – as the battles over hearts and minds continue in a war as old as mankind; propaganda (fake news) versus the truth.

From the fake news regarding life on the moon by one of the world’s largest newspapers to coordinated fake news scares on subjects like Y2K and Ebola, most will be disturbed by at how far the Mainstream Media has gone.

You will be armed with facts like: The New York Times started the Climate Change scare more than a century ago, in 1895!

Many people have been reaching beyond the Mainstream Media, to an alternative press. As a result, the alternative press is growing, with new entities coming online every year. Can Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Breitbart, and others, continue to replace the Mainstream Media?

Red Moon Rising COMING SOON

Releasing September 2017

Ride along with the main character, Jackson Rollins.

Jackson has a front seat view within American intelligence as China maneuvers to place the United States under it’s control. It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” and “how.”

When the Communist move in and establish control, how long will it be before massive gun confiscation takes place? Don’t think it could actually happen? Learn how it can.

What else will they change about our society and what will they leave alone? How will they quickly get the masses to submit to communist rule?

Red Moon Rising will be released as paperback in September 2017 and will be available on Amazon for $19.95.

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Red Rising Trilogy – Book 1

Red Moon Rising

Red Rising Trilogy – Book 2

Red Sands Rising

Red Rising Trilogy – Book 3

To be unveiled Spring 2018

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