Kerry has written volumes of training material for a wide variety of uses, hundreds of articles, scripted hundreds of commercials for radio and television, as well as a wide variety of content for many occasions. He authored the book #FakeNews which was published in March of 2017, and released a work of fiction titled Soulmate in February 2020, and is working on his next book to be titled Bob Marley and Me. Soulmate and the next thee stories to follow will be released individually as small (approximately 100 page) books, then all four will be released as a collection with other materials.

Kerry Wood

Other Occupational Hazards

Having once been crippled to the point he didn’t walk for nine months with doctors telling him he’d never run again. Kerry remains thankful he was able to recover. Since his unwelcome diagnosis, Kerry has participated in more than 50 events, including a Full Marathon, a few triathlons, and a Spartan Beast. When Kerry isn’t writing, he spends much of his free time working out and participating in events, with the Half Marathon (13.1 miles) being his favorite distance.

Kerry Wood - Runner


Kerry Wood - Cyclist


Kerry Wood - Spartan


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